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Popai CE
Místo prodeje POPAI
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Make the most of POPAI CE membership

Make the most of POPAI CE membershipMake the most of POPAI CE membershipMake the most of POPAI CE membership

Contacts and networking

  • Inteactive events year-round for members
  • Company profiles in POPAI CE brochures and on POPAI CE web-site 
  • Cooperation with the professional media in Czech republic and abroad 
  • POPAI CENTRAL EUROPE newsletters
  • Communication platform for all professionals operating in the in-store communication industry

Advice and Support

  • POPAI expertise, know-how and cooperation for improving the POP efficiency 
  • New information, documents and materials on POP industry including the research results focused on the POP effectiveness worldwide

Increase Your Knowledge of POP

  • Seminars, round table discussions, store checks organized by POPAI CE, free to members
  • Regular monitoring of events focused on the in-store communication worldwide
  • Monitoring of professional magazines from Czech republic and from abroad
  • POPAI STUDENT AWARD - the contest  focused on supporting young talented creators and closer cooperation with representatives and students of universities

Participate in the Industry´s Premier Trade Events at Preferential Rates

  • Discounts on shows, awards, conferences, seminars organized within the global POPAI network
  • Reduced rates for entry to the POPAI CENTRAL EUROPE AWARDS,  Marketing at-retail POPAI forum,  POPAI Paris Awards.  

Improve your Marketing Strategy through Research

  • POP Effectiveness Measurement Studies
  • Research with advertisers focused on the POP importance
  • Research with retailers focused on the use of POP tolls at the retail chains.
  • POP evaluated by the general public:  a comprehensive view on the POP advertising and on the point of sale environment by the customers
  • Survey on “POP Advertising Display Power”
  • Measuring the effectiveness of digital media,
  •  Analysis of the current market with gifts and promotional items

Add to Your company´s credibility

  • Definition of moral principles and ethical behaviour of all members in terms of the POPAI CE Ethics code.
  • Possibility of influencing the development  of the POP industry within the association representing the important POP companies

Be Part of a Global Network

  • Contacts and cooperation within the global POPAI network